Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Get Your Knits Out

Kninky. Woolen knits are huge this season. Rock up in these biddy alternatives with a few quirky punky rave acessories. Now where is my glowstick?

Looking back...

Save the Children was the home of this tailor fitted pencil skirt and floral top dress. The outfit coming to a grand total of nine pound. Bargaina. Teamed with pearls and victorian shoes this is an antique look to be recaptured.



For a different look, unhinge the belt and pull your socks up! With 70s glam rock highs, preppy meets gary glitter.o-er.

Stitch Up. Look Sharp.

Stitch Up. Look Sharp.

Navy Girl. This Navy military jacket was found safely hidden away in Save the Children. For a penny saving £1.50! With power dressing rarely leaving the designer's canvas, you can tailor this garment to your personal style. It's all about the accessories. Clinch with the belt, embellish with the golden bling and complete the drill with shoeboots and a large dose of sunnies.

Help The Ageist

Charity shopping seems to have such a heavy stigma. Unclean clothes, musty odours and perhaps a certain snobbishness for being too cheap. Yet as we Waller ignorantly within the credit crunch and supposed impending recession, is charity still the last call?

Stepping into the store, there is no defining collections.No brightly-lit changing rooms or highly attentive sales advisor.

Yet that is where the fun truly resides.

We received a few strange glances and an accusation that our twenty pound note was fraudulent in the first store. Yet later, Mavis and Gwen were super sweet, albeit a little perplexed when we headed to the cash desk ( A 60s till with a hand written receipt. The personal touch) with a bundle of cloth; part jacket, jumper and 1940s housewife dress. All for a total of £27.50.

No mass collections, just unique pieces.

hmmm, primarni who?